Who We Are?

We at MIWA are passionate about creating better choice snacks. We manufacture fruit flavoured jelly drink under the brand MIWA OLi using selected quality ingredients. It is not just a snack, but a snack with functional benefits for kids, and the whole family too! It is all about helping you make a better choice for your children's snack time.

With 10 years experience in producing jelly drink, we have grown to be known as an expert in the jelly drink business. We strive to build a trusted brand and name and will continue to make every effort for recognitions in this industry.

What We Do?

We are the manufacturer of fruity flavoured jelly drink under the brand MIWA OLi. Our product is gaining popularity, especially among children. With our unique texture, MIWA Oli comes in four fantastically fun flavours: Strawberry Sempoi, Grape Gempakz, Apple Awesome and Lychee Leng Chai.

MIWA Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. currently hos 20 hard-working employees, 300 agents and 30 distribution centres located all over Peninsular Malaysia. Our produets has been marketed to 2,500 schools and more than 1,000 retail shops

Why We Do What We Do?

Because we want to be a renowned leader in confectionery manufacturing, specializing in seaweed based product in Malaysia and globally- that's our vision!

And it is our mission to create a leading brand in the world, with high quality products. To create fun and happiness with our unique, innovative, easy-to-use and delicious products that can be enjoyed any time of the day and, towards building professional work force with ongoing skill improvements, to encouragge creativity & innovation.

When & How We Started

MIWA Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd was incorporated on 12 August 2015 and was previously known as MIWA ServNtrade Enterprise (established in 1999). We started as a micro-scale company in the fruit smoothies business. From there on, we quickly moved into manufacturing industry. Using our research and development expertise, we had create a unique and innovative product.

Where Are We Located?

MIWA Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd is located in an industrial area in Ijok, Kuala SeIangor, Selangor, Malaysia.


We are located in ljok, Kuala Selangor, Selangor, Malaysia. Try googling for ‘MIWA Manufacturing Sdn Bhd’.

MIWA OLi Jelly Drink is made with selected quality seaweed extract. It is safe for vegan and vegetarian diet.

lnulin is a natural prebiotic that feed the friendly bacteria in your gut. This helps the gut bacteria produce nutrients for your colon cells and leads too healthier digestive system.

Yes. MIWA Oli Jelly Drink is certified halal by JAKIM (Malaysia Islamic Development Deportment). We use Halal quality ingredients and MIWA Oli Jelly Drink is manufactured in a clean and sanitized facility.

MIWA Oli Jelly Drink is both jelly and drink! It has a semi-solid texture that is soft enough to be consumed through the spout. You have got to try it!

Each pack of MIWA Oli Jelly Drink is 120 gram.

Our target market is children from 5 years old to 15 years old. But a child as young as 3 years old that can drink on his own can enjoy MIWA OLi Jelly Drink.